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how it all started

Mike Anthony launched the concept of What Shadows Hide in August of 2017. His mission was to combine melody and power in his own style. 

The endeavor to assemble the perfect line up was short lived once he found Craig Hicks to join on drums.  Craig provided the intricacies required to develop the unique sound that is What Shadows Hide.

Mike and Craig underwent a series of tryouts for a front man over the course of several months, When it seemed as though they would not find someone to fit their vision, Craig suggested a seemingly unconventional approach. After introducing Mike to the sounds of a front man Craig had previously worked with, What Shadows Hide decided to import Corey Jackson from Norfolk, Virginia. In February of 2018 Craig brought Corey 1,088 miles from Virginia to Wisconsin to begin his journey as the What Shadows Hide front man. 

From the beginning, Mike knew he was not going to be able to make this group as big as he wanted by himself running the board and lights, so he brought his good friend Brandon Olsen into the mix. Ever since the group's first practice show at the rehearsal space, Brandon has been an essential part to the group.

After some changes, the guys found themselves looking for a bassist.  When they discovered Jake Willems, he was already committed to several different projects and declined their invitation. After months had gone by, the guys decided to try once more to get Jake on board. Following a lengthy conversation with Mike, Jake concluded he would be a good fit for the group. During his official in-person try out, they blew up P.A. and it became official.


In August of 2019, Corey decided that he wanted to move back to Virginia and leave the group for good.  The guys held numerous auditions but could never find someone that fit their particular style.  Mike decided to contact the first vocalist they auditioned back in 2017 to see if he would be interested in joining the group. After a few months of working together, Ryan officially joined as the frontman of What Shadows Hide.

In December 2019, Ryan suggested that the group audition one of his friends for the lead guitar position.  That is when Jared came to the studio for the first time and right away the guys decided that he would be a very good fit. In January 2020  What Shadows Hide was now complete.

Through their passion and desire they create original, driving, and raw material.  Their collective talent and emotion continually generate the distinct sound that is

What Shadows Hide.

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