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--Nathan Owen--

Joliet, Illinois
--his story--
Nate moved to Suring, WI in the early part of 2018.  He is a welder and works as a boiler maker all over Wisconsin.  At that time he did not know any of the guys until he asked his landlord if he knew anyone that could plow his driveway. His landlord gave him Mike's name and he decided to go knock on his front door.  Nate has always had a love for music, and plays guitar, bass and drums on his free time. Nate became immediately interested in the group after Mike showed him their setup in the garage. After attending his first practice, Nate and the guys started to become good friends. 
Right away, Nate would help out the band anyway he could.  He spent an entire summer gutting and remodeling their studio. He was always the one guy the group could count on to always be there when they needed help. 
After a year went by, Brandon and Nate started working together behind the scenes and Nate showed interest in working with the lighting rig. That is when Brandon decided he could use help at front-of-house and Neighbor Nate became a part of                         What Shadows Hide. 
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